Mobile Home Skirting Installation ToolsText Box: SAFETY FIRST...With any construction project, always wear appropriate safety equipment.  We recommend safety glasses and cut resistant gloves while applying the skirting. Also, be aware of electrical sources to avoid shock.   

Once the framework has been constructed, you can apply skirting panels.  The skirting application should start at the top, then trimmed to fit your installation along the bottom edges.  Tin snips can be used to cut skirting panels to fit specified configurations.  Sheets may be trimmed and overlapped for areas with height greater than 28”.   A level may be used to ensure a consistency throughout your installation.  

Skirting may be secured to framework two ways: 

1.) Use a hammer and galvanized roofing nails (with  rubber washers). 
2.) Use a  cordless drill and galvanized or stainless steel sheet metal screws.  

Screws offer a convenient way to remove panels in the event you need access to the crawl space below your home .  

Whether using nails or screws, we recommend you avoid applying the fastener in the “block” sections and only apply fasteners in the spaces between the blocks.

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