Vinyl mobile home skirting contact damage due to rocks, debris, and weed control devises.  Steel mobile home skirting after 20 years of exposure to the elements and contact by rocks, debris, and weed control devises.Typical damage to vinyl mobile home skirting due to the ground freezing and thawing and displacing the installation channel.Text Box: Stones and debris have heavily damaged the vinyl skirting below. 
Text Box: Vinyl skirting damage due to the ground freezing and thawing.

Vinyl Verses Metal Mobile Home Skirting

The 20-year old vinyl mobile home skirting applications (picture 1 & 2)  below cannot withstand the changing

weather conditions nor the debris damage.

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Text Box: 2.

The metal skirting application below has held up to 20 years worth of abuse. This demonstrates the durability of our steel mobile home skirting.

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35 year old mobile home skirting

Metal skirting is resistant to contact damage caused by routine lawn care activity.  Metal skirting will also hold up during weather related phenomena.

Text Box: This unpainted metal mobile home skirting has been applied to this mobile home for 35 years. It has withstood years of changing weather conditions and debris caused by routine lawn care maintenance.
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