Metal Mobile Home Skirting Installation Guide (English)

Premium Metal Mobile Home Skirting




Overall look of the metal skirting application

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Carrollton, OH 44615

Phone:    (800) 452-0484

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DMA’s Mobile Home Skirting is a versatile, affordable, durable & easy to install alternative option to vinyl skirting.

Framework  consists of 2”x 4” boards placed 5’ apart or 30” on center.  Pipe grips secure rebar sections to the framework.

Installation Tools Needed:

· Electric Saw (for framework only)

· Cordless Drill or Hammer

· Tin Snips

· Shed-Resistant Paint Roller 

· Level


Recommended Hardware:

· 2” x 4” Lumber for framework (treated recommended for bottom edge)

· Galvanized roofing nails with rubber washers OR 1” stainless steel screws

· Galvanized J-Channel or  corner protectors (deck screws recommended for J-Channel installation)

· Pipe grip ties and 24” rebar sections to secure frame at ground level



Use the spaces between the block

pattern as a guide, you may fasten

skirting to framework with either a hammer and galvanized roofing nails (with rubber washers) or with stainless steel screws as seen in the above photo. 




How to install Up close picture of metal skirting Corner using the J-Channel

Corners are made by bending skirting around or into the corner. After this step is completed, then trim and apply J-channel along the top, bottom and end edges of your application. 


Primer and paint can be applied to your skirting immediately, or you may allow the skirting to “weather” for several months and then apply paint without primer. Check your local home improvement store to find the paint suitable for your location. 


Shed-resistant paint rollers will cover your skirting quickly.






Overall view of the metal skirting DMA