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Interior Cobblestone Application ProjectBare wall before application Text Box: 1.) Before application.
Text Box: 2.) Remove all objects from the wall. Notice, the baseboard is removed. 
Text Box: 3.) Starting to apply cobblestone.
Text Box: Follow the Steps Below to Apply your Cobblestone Application
Text Box: 4.) Cobblestone is applied. 
Text Box: 5.) Base coat of paint is applied. 
Text Box: 6.) Variation of paint color has been added to give the effect of real stone. 
Text Box: 7.) Final Product.
Text Box: Installation of DMA’s new Cobblestone paneling took about eight hours to apply in this interior application. Follow the steps listed above and you should have a successful Cobblestone application experience. 
Text Box: Thank you Nick T. for photos of your interior application of the cobblestone paneling.

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