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Painted Rock - Face

Metal Cobblestone Panel Ideas


With today’s selection of *paint finishes, colors, and textures, your metal panels are only limited by your imagination.


Here are some ideas to boost your creativity:

A bare wall will transform into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Our light, easy to handle and flame resistant panels will transform your scenes for theatre productions. 

Use the panels as a backdrop for photography.

The possibilities are endless!


Technique to Applying Paint:

1.) Apply base primer (color of the “mortar”) to the entire sheet.

2.) Use a shed-resistant roller to apply secondary color to the “stone”.

3.) You can apply spray paint with grit to give texture and depth.


*Please visit your local paint specialist for more information about metal-friendly paints.

Please click photos for more details about these indoor application s.

Red, gray and brown painted cobblestone pattern

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